How to offer ESCORTS shares in open offer without physical receipt DIS

Please use the Tender Escort Shares in Open Offer No Physical Issue link below (enter your client code instead of XXXXX) when you see it in the browser copy you will see the sub-ad.

Part A

Step 1: Generate TPIN, if you don't have T-PIN, please generate by clicking Generate T-PIN option.

Step 4: Below the screen you will see where you want to place the OTP captured by email or mobile. CDSL sends OTP via email and mobile (for Indian mobile number). NRI only receives by email.

Step 5 – You will see the success screen below. This completes the first part of the bidding process.

Step 6:

Part B - ProStocks uploads your EDIS statement to the CDSL system.

Part C – Once Part B is complete, you will receive an SMS or email to authenticate the stealth operation via otp using the link in the email or go to this URL /OTP .aspx?id =O", enter your PAN amount and authenticate on the screen below.

Please make sure the above full course is full and confirm it to us before 6:00 pm on the same day. Make sure to do it at least one day before the final deadline.