Baseline Massage is one of that massage that covers up the majority of the part of the body including deep-tissue and full-body for the holistic treatment. This is the perfect combination of the acupressure, gentle stretches, aromatherapy and reflexology. It has a number of healthy and body benefit that will include deep relaxation, calmness and well-being. In addition to this, it allows the circulation of blood, energy and oxygen in an adequate and proper manner throughout the body.

It is considered as one of the treatments that allow an individual to rejuvenate their muscles cells and energy. It will also work on the stimulation with the help of different essential oils. Their aromas mixed up with massage technique will help in boosting your mood and strengthening your energy flow.

Why Balinese Massage?

The technique that is used in this type of massage is mainly to soothe the damaged tissues and work on the knots of tensions. It will help you to relieve the muscles from strain and refresh your inner self. It will rebalance your body and reduce your stress along with the mood boost with the help of aromatic oils. The massage will work on the deeper layer that will help in improving the circulation of blood and improve muscle power. It will also help with the sports injuries if you have any.

Apart from this, your therapist must be aware of your medical conditions, if any. You must also inform her/him beforehand if you are pregnant (or might be).

What to expect?

There is a massage couch or floor mattress that is used for the Balinese massage. The essential oils are used due to their strong aroma and benefits in terms of therapy. These type of essential oils are mainly used in order to soothe the mind. Then, the smooth and fiction free strokes will ensure that you are comfortable.

The best thing is that the therapist will perform deep pressure while working on you to get rid of tension knots, tissues, muscle damage, etc. After that, gentle pressure will be used with long strokes to work on the skin, blood circulation, anxiety, etc. It is a total of one hour to one and a half hour long session.

Once the session is over, you will come out of the room with a happy smile feeling re-energised, refreshed and relaxed. On top of that, due to the essential oils, you will have an amazing aroma. So, don’t leave the chance to soak into the world of happiness and realignment in order to have a soothing and relaxing time.

Types of Balinese Massage

The birthplace of this Balinese Massage is Indonesia, Bali which is responsible for the development of another massage form as well. However, there are many types of Indonesian massage that has its own importance. These type of ancient practice work amazingly well in terms of spiritual and physical work with a wonderful feeling. Hence, a different type of massages that are famous are: